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You may have a choice when it comes to your natural gas supplier and the rate you pay. Like electricity, natural gas has been deregulated in certain states. This allows homeowners to take control of their natural gas supply cost. If energy choice is available in your state, enter your zip code to compare Constellation plans and rates.

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Enter your zip code to compare natural gas plans and see exclusive new customer offers in your area!

Bundle Electricity and Natural Gas and Get up to a $75 Gift Card! Call to find out how: 888-897-6804

How does choosing an electricity supplier work?


Enter your zip code and compare the available plans in your area.


We'll contact your current provider and make switching to Constellation seamless.


With a new lower rate, see the savings on your natural gas bill once the switch is complete.

Why sign up for natural gas with Constellation?

Constellation offers fixed-rate natural gas plans to residents in deregulated energy markets so you can lock in a gas supply rate that fits your budget and needs.

Enjoy all of the benefits that Constellation has to offer as your gas supplier in addition to:

  • Get a $25 Gift Card
    You'll receive a $25 gift card for signing up once your enrollment is confirmed.
  • Lock in a Fixed-Rate Plan
    We offer good fixed-rate plans with no hidden fees designed to fit your life and budget.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind
    You'll be able to predict your monthly natural gas bill and be able to budget efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the switch is easy.

  • Have your utility bill and account information ready
  • Enter your zip code to see offers in your area
  • Compare plans and rates
  • Read the terms and conditions of the plan
  • Select the plan and enter your contact and account information into our easy online form

There is no need to contact your utility.

Constellation will contact your current utility about your switch.

Yes, your personal information is safe.

Constellation is required by law to keep your information confidential.

The only thing that changes is your natural gas supply rate.

Your utility will continue to deliver natural gas to your home or business without interruption and service all equipment. For any emergencies or outages please contact your utility directly.

Call us at (888) 897-6804 or email us at

Constellation Natural Gas Solutions are Available in 18 States Across the U.S.

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